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Why An Extensive Content Strategy Includes Podcasting

todayApril 19, 2017 27

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A lot of people wonder what the best way is to cut through the crowd, get noticed and establish a meaningful connection with their market. For many businesses, they invest time and energy in on-demand audio content also known as podcasting.

Podcasting is gaining in popularity, yet the medium is not over-saturated, luckily. There is still an open space in the world of audio for you. Therefore, there’s no reason to stress or encounter any early onset FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out.

Understand that podcasting is not right for every business. The same principle could be said for using live video or print materials for a digital product. If your business understands the impact of content marketing, podcasting can be a strong avenue to promote yourself and/or your company.

Here come three strong reasons to include podcasting and audio content in your individual strategy.

Content Strategy: Expanding Your Reach

Since 2015 was the year podcasting made its debut, over 1/3 of Americans have listened to a podcast. With 200 Million+ people still to discover podcasts as a content medium, you as a business owner are looking at a sea of opportunity.

With car integration growing in popularity, plugging into podcasts about the beautiful St. Petersburg culture or all matters pertaining to sports is very easy! Not to mention, you have apps at your fingertips to play on your phone or through the car itself.

Content Strategy: One-to-Multiple Mediums

Find a subject that brings in listeners and you can multiply your followers by transforming it into another medium. Delivering an audio podcast into an article or blog could yield a strong positive outcome.

Content Strategy: Your Audio Body of Work

  1. Create a list of influencers in your industry and mentors to interview to share stories and become familiar with the process of having a conversation on the air (live or recorded).
  2. Based off number 2 listed above, hire an audio transcriber to turn your voice into words and distribute in other ways.
  3. Take the inverse of number 2 by speaking other content you have filmed on video or written in articles or eBooks.

In sum, it’s simple, but not easy. The best news is you’re not alone. Experts like our staff at Life Improvement Media are here to assist you in whichever way is best for you.

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Written by: #HeliumRadio

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