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I’m passionate about supporting and helping my clients heal their broken hearts after the loss of a loved one.  My happy moments is when you go from unhappy to feeling happy during our time together. Interestingly born on Valentine’s Day, a day of love. How could I not want that for you! There’s a common […]

When I heard that my brain on positive was 31% more productive than my brain on negative, neutral, or stressed, I knew I heard a “Truth”. I’m Jackie Simmons, your host. I believe that you can put your brain on positive only if you are willing to face one uncomfortable truth. It’s a decision you […]

She is the Founder of The Balm of Gilead Healing Ministries and Co-Founder of Lofty Heights Christian Ministries in Africa, Canada and the United States of America.  With about 22 years in ministry, Dr. Teresa’s experiences has resulted in a true passion to disciple others in love and to exemplify an open and honest relationship […]

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Great day! Great day! Welcome to “The Texture of Me. I am a Ph.D. Candidate of clinical psychology and the CEO and founder of “The Texture of Me (TTOM). Prior to being a Ph.D. Candidate, I had invested 20 plus years as a cosmetologist and hair educator. With my passion and wisdom of textured hair, […]

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My name is Arlina. I am the host of The One Day At A Time Recovery Podcast and I have been clean and sober since April 23, 1994. When I was 25 I hit rock bottom. I had managed to alienate my family and all my friends. Although I was ambitious, my drinking and using […]

Hello ♥ My name is Ny! Here to help you grow on your life’s journey! My experience includes 15+ years in professional and community theatre projects. Also, I’m a professionally trained gospel, contemporary, and classical singer performing for over 20 years. In addition to my musical and acting background, I’m also a Podcaster(KoffeeSipsTea), available on […]

Catch me weekly on CareONE Radio!

Catch me weekly on CareONE Radio!

Ken Sternfeld, RPh, Concierge Pharmacist is the co-host of the new “PGx for Pharmacists” segment of the Pharmacy Podcast Network focusing on how Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy can incorporate Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing into Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management Medication Services.

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