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The Pharmacy Podcast Network is dedicated to the pharmacy profession and provides audio content, information, and innovative ideas that we believe will advance the pharmacy profession. We are always expanding our programming to Independent Retail, Compounding, Long-term Care, Specialty, Hospital Systems, and Small Chain Pharmacy Businesses. We’re expanding content for Patients and Pharmacy Students and encourage our listeners to submit ideas for future shows. The Pharmacy Podcast Network is about dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. Todd is the Director of Business Development & Strategic Marketing for Colonial Management Group – New Season, national leaders in revolutionizing addiction treatment strategies, building community healthcare support networks, and educating the healthcare industry about our national opioid epidemic to end the disease of addiction.

Joe Casselman is a Chartered Financial Consultant, focusing on achieving maximum financial potential for families and small business owners. Joe is the founding partner with Pharmacist Financial. Since 2005, Pharmacist Financial has been a leading provider of financial education and planning for the pharmacy community throughout Texas. Joe was an entrepreneur from an early age, and has the natural ability to befriend many people. This led him to an extremely rewarding profession; guiding others to confidently create financial security and wealth. Joe graduated from the University of Texas in Austin after several years at the University of Dallas, including six months abroad in Rome, Italy. Joe has fifteen years’ experience and regularly meets with seasoned and successful mentors to grow even more. Joe enjoys collaborating with many different types of clients under a no pressure effort, focusing on developing meaningful long-term the relationships.  

Ben is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience working in the independent pharmacy industry. He is the author of many articles in America’s Pharmacist magazine and is a nationally recognized speaker in the pharmacy industry. He currently publishes a blog for pharmacists, pharmacy employees and pharmacy owners called Waypoint Unscripted. 

Geily J. Ward is a pharmacy student at Nova Southeastern University. She has worked as a pharmacy technician/Intern in community pharmacy setting as well as in a hospital setting. Completing her undergraduate studies at Miami Dade College served as the stepping-stone needed towards achieving her goal of entering the school of pharmacy, at Miami Dade College she received her Associate Degree in Arts through which she was a recipient of the Florida Medallion Scholarship as well as the dean’s list. The experiences she’s gathered as a technician/Intern has shaped her into the professional student she is today and will remain with her throughout her career as a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Nicolle McClure is President of GRX Marketing and co-founder of the program, which started in 2011. The program was developed to assist independent pharmacists with their marketing needs. Since its inception, her and her team have helped over 82 independent pharmacy owners. Nicolle also oversees marketing for 20 community pharmacies in central Iowa that are owned by GRX Marketing’s parent company, GRX Holdings, where Nicolle has worked since 2008. In addition to creating new programs for their pharmacies, she helped increase overall store sales by 3.5% in her first two years.

She’s a mom, a proud Penn State Alumni and  your go to woman for understanding how Compliance can fit into your pharmacy.  For nearly 10 years, this perky, caring, and wise compliance chick has been helping independent pharmacist find solutions to simplifying compliance and answering questions ranging from opening/buying a pharmacy to questions on how to get Medicare numbers, moving into exemptions, and even how to add extra services to be more profitable. Jenny is a Board Certified DME Specialist, the Senior Compliance Strategist at R.J. Hedges & Associates and greatly enjoys helping independent pharmacies and other small health care practices navigate the complexities of compliance.  All the while offering suggestions and solutions with her pleasant and caring charm.  Her number one goal is providing the best comprehensive customized healthcare compliance and consulting services they require.

Jeff is the President & CEO of R. J. Hedges & Associates of New Florence, PA. Mr. Hedges is a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force with 27 years of service. He has developed and field-tested software programs for the Air Force and civilian practices. Mr. Hedges has conducted numerous seminars and continuing education presentations throughout the country, focusing on Pharmacy Compliance, Immunization Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, DMEPOS & Pharmacy Accreditation, Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention, Healthcare Compliance, Patient Safety, Medication Adherence, Competitive Bidding, the Affordable Care Act and its effect on independent healthcare facilities, pharmacies and other medical practitioners. He is the co-author of the National Community Pharmacists Association’s HIPAA Security Handbook. He has also written many articles on HIPAA Compliance, Medicare Accreditation, and other federal compliance topics.

Ken Sternfeld, RPh, Concierge Pharmacist is the co-host of the new “PGx for Pharmacists” segment of the Pharmacy Podcast Network focusing on how Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy can incorporate Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing into Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management Medication Services.

Bryan Prince, MBA, is the co-host & co-founder of the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast. Bryan is the owner of Lab Red Pharmacy Consultants LLC and specializes in USP <800> compliance. With over 15 years of project management and containment technology experience, Bryan has gained extensive knowledge of chemical handling techniques, safety strategies, and facility design.

Seth DePaquale, PharmD, is co-founder of the “Pharmacy Inspection” Podcast. Seth DePasquale consults compounding pharmacies through He co-owns and operates BET Pharm, a compounding pharmacy specializing in long-acting injectable hormone formulations for equine reproduction. He is the pharmacist-in-charge and operator of BET’s sterile compounding facility located in Lexington, Kentucky.

We are the single source for all things “nontraditional” in pharmacy. By exposing new roles, connecting pharmacy professionals with one another, and providing resources to accelerate success, we truly strive to push the boundaries of pharmacy. It’s time to start thinking outside the pillbox!

Joseph Friedman, R.Ph. MBA, is founding member and principal at Professional Dispensaries of Illinois, (PDI) Medical LLC. From the moment Illinois’ Medical Cannabis program was signed into law, he became deeply involved in the complex process of positioning himself to open one or more medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois. On February 2, 2015, Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner conditionally awarded permits to operate medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois. Friedman’s high scoring application was one of 57 granted a license. Friedman has a pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, and a MBA from Illinois’ Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Through Friedman’s efforts, PDI Medical will become the first accredited dispensary in the nation through Ohio based NMMAO (National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization). Medical cannabis dispensaries are licensed to serve a healthcare need and therefore should undergo the same stringent accreditation as all other healthcare providers in the U.S. Through accreditation, that role moves from one of simply selling a product to consumers to one focused on the overall clinical health and outcome of all patients. Dispensaries meeting the NMMAO accreditation criteria prove a heightened awareness of general healthcare industry standards and quality measurements through documented policies, procedures, processes, and attestations.

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