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"Multichannel Marketing"

Marketing Strategy

Integrating Your Audio Through Multichannel Marketing

How Integrated are your Marketing Channels? For over 9 years now, we have worked with small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). One thing always remains the same: little to no integration exists across marketing platforms and there is no broad long-term strategy to connect the platforms. What we tend to see are business owners or marketing companies strictly focusing on whatever tactics cost the least or have the biggest return on investment--either minimum dollar or […]

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"best website for audio"

Marketing Strategy

Choosing The Best Website For Your Podcasts

As a podcaster, you have made the leap of faith into the world of marketing. You're marketing yourself and your ideas to the world. Tune in to our blog on picking the best website for your podcasts and audio content. Even if you are not a podcaster yet, you can start on the opposite end by knowing what website you can use once you become a podcaster. Be sure you […]

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"digitally marketing your podcasting show"

Business Strategy

Digitally Marketing Your Podcasting Show

Any business owner knows that if they are in the digital marketing world, they must keep themselves on their toes. The tech world is ever-changing and requires we all rise to the occasion and strive to always be one step ahead. This article is for those that may have gotten a bit behind. One major platform a lot of people have fallen behind on--or disregarded entirely--is audio. We're not just saying that […]

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