Top Reasons You Should Start Podcasting Today

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The number one way to get your voice heard is to start podcasting today. You could stand outside in the middle of the street and preach, you could talk to a counselor, or you could do just about anything to talk. Chances are those methods won’t get you much of an audience. If you have something to share, why not get in front of millions of people via podcasting? This form of communication has become one of the most compelling resources to distribute information to the masses. Whether you want to talk about yourself or discuss pop culture, you can do so relatively easily. There are many reasons why you should jump into the podcasting world, and it all starts with being heard.

Get Known

Do you want to be famous? Do you want more than just your pets to hear your voice? You’ll want to jump into this world. Just think about iTunes: there are over 500,000,000 people using this program. A huge chunk of their business comes from podcasting. It’s the premier location to find, listen, and organize shows, which means you stand a chance to get found through a marketplace with a global audience. Pick a topic, get started, and you could very well be the next big famous communicator.

Discuss Things No One Wants To Talk To You About

Chances are you love something that others don’t really care about around you. There’s a lot of people that love things like professional wrestling, making puzzles, creating board games, or perhaps obscure sciences, mystery novels, pulp fiction, or even making buttons for fun and profit. These are just a handful of topics that you could discuss, and chances are, your friends and family don’t want to have long form conversations about these. In the podcast world, millions of people will listen to you ramble on about things you love. It’s personal, and it becomes ever so beautiful to be able to communicate that to the world. Discuss what you want, without having anyone say “be quiet”, or tune you out. It opens up doors.

It’s Easier Than Other Mediums

Think about traditional communication mediums. From television shows to blogging to starting a magazine, how hard is it to start those things and get people to see them? Chances are you’re going to be forced to go on an uphill battle to get anywhere within the world of communication. That’s not the case for podcasting, as you can start with just a smartphone and a computer. In fact, you could launch a podcast with an Apple device and an iTunes account. It’s that simple. Over time you can upgrade your equipment, build a following, and get noticed. But to start, you don’t need anything more than your voice, and a passion for a subject.

Become An Authority

One of the things marketers recommend small business owners become are authorities in their niche. As an authority, they will seek you out for the purpose of education. You’ll also gain momentum in terms of sales and traffic. People are skeptical online today, yet with the power of podcasting, you can turn skepticism into true belief, and it’s a powerful tool. The human voice spoken with knowledge is far greater of a sales tool than a long form blog post, or even a visual device. You can connect with the consumer within a second, sell them on your expertise fast, and have them purchase whatever it is you’re selling within a short span. It’s within the confines of becoming an authority of your subject, that you can brand, market, and create a whole new business model for yourself.

Create a Powerful SEO Tool

There’s something interesting about SEO, and it’s that it can come and go fast. It’s like a vapor. It is working one day, and the next, search engines just don’t care about your page any longer. Make sure that your content stays around. You can easily dump a podcast link and embed into your blog or website. Just this little element can give you enough optimization power to stick around in search engines for a long time. Amidst the algorithmic shifts that Google and others push, they seem to favor podcast URLs a lot more than others. You could very well have a favorable momentum swing by adding your podcasting links to your blog. People will stay longer if they can stream your podcast from your website.

It’s Just Plain Fun

Perhaps the above is too much “business” for you. Resort to podcasting as a form of enjoyment. It’s fun to talk about things you love. It’s more fun interacting with people who are like-minded. You’ll be surprised how fast you will go from no listeners to several thousands and higher. It’s a matter of letting loose and talking about your loves. Treat it like a hobby and enjoy it—turn on the microphone and go for it! You’ll find that people enjoy listening to the thoughts of others, especially when passion is involved.

What are you passionate about? Ask yourself this question and turn on the mic and upload a file to join the podcast revolution. You’ll find it’s fun, you can make money, and even get connected with friends, and business contacts.

Thank you for your attention! Download our blog if and when you decide to start podcasting today! Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Written by: #HeliumRadio

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