Understanding the Brilliance and Benefits of B2B Podcasts

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Marketing in this day and age is a different ball game. Forget about focusing solely on print ads and billboards. Instead, the name of the game is digital marketing. But there is one thing that businesses and advertisers fail to utilize—podcast streaming platforms.

What are podcasts, and how can they help you grow your business? This article will explore all that and more.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are long-form audio programs on a variety of topics that emerged in the early 2000s. It was a niche format for tech geeks and hobbyists during this time. But thanks to the rise of smartphones, podcasts became available to a larger audience.

Despite the diversity in topics and styles, podcasts have two common attributes: multiple recordings for each title and an RSS organization system. You can think of podcasts as the internet’s version of radio channels that RSS feeds organize and make available to the public.

Why Consider Podcasts?

Once upon a time, the radio was a driver’s only companion on the road. Sure, they can take a few tapes or CDs with them, but it’s impossible to bring around a tower’s worth of audio CDs. Plus, changing CDs mid-drive is inconvenient and dangerous.

Thanks to technological advancements, people can now enjoy thousands of songs in their mobile playlist and millions more if they stream songs online. However, podcast streaming platforms are their go-to for those who want something different or feel someone is with them in the car.

Who Listens to Podcasts?

A 2021 study reveals that there are 424.2 million podcast listeners all over the world. Although the United States does not have as many podcast listeners as Sweden, 116 million listeners are still impressive.

What’s more, the different topics that podcasts present make their listenership very diverse. Although some studies reveal that the majority of podcast listeners are within the twelve to thirty-four age range, the research may have come to this conclusion because of the wide range. As it stands, the distribution of listenership across the age ranges looks fairly well-distributed.

How Can Marketers Benefit from Podcasts?

Aside from having a large potential customer base, podcasts are ideal for filling chunks of time. People listen to them while they drive, cook, and even work. It is great for establishing brand awareness and thought leadership in the field.

Aside from this, podcasts help businesses “speak to their audience.” They can use this opportunity to improve their brand image and reputation. They can even use influencer marketing to make their brand more relatable and build a better relationship with their audience.

Is It Better to Pick Podcast Creation or Podcast Advertising?

There are three important steps in creating a podcast: recording, syndication, and amplification.

Recording entails choosing a topic, researching about it, writing the script, and recording it. Syndication involves hosting the audio recording and setting up an RSS feed for podcast directory submission. Lastly, amplification is about getting the word out. If a company is capable of all these things, creating a podcast is ideal.

Another way to benefit from podcast streaming platforms is through podcast advertising. Podcast advertising is the placement of business ads with various podcast shows or via audio ads. If a company is unprepared to publish a podcast, it can get in touch with podcast shows or connect directly with the platform to get ad spots.


Online podcast platforms are ideal for reaching out to the millions of podcast listeners out there. It gives a business a chance to reach a wider audience and establish its brand as an authority in its field. Like any other marketing strategy, there is a huge risk of failure—yet, if you execute it correctly, you will reap amazing benefits.

Helium Radio is a respected online podcast platform that streams thousands of podcasts. We cater to a wide variety of audiences with diverse themes and topics. Regardless of whether you want to start your B2B podcast or advertise on the platform, we are at your service. Team up with us today and experience the amazing marketing potential podcasts bring!


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