Value Added Part 2: Using Voiceover Commercials

todayJune 7, 2017


In our previous blog, we discussed advertising with radio commercials and the many benefits of using radio over television and print media. We’re picking up right where we left off on part 1 of the Value Added series with voiceover commercials.

Radio Commercials Have Their Importance (Continued)

Using radio commercials in your advertising campaign provides you have a means of measuring your results. Going national or worldwide with a radio ad provides one type of results and even internet radio stations like Life Improvement Radio and Life Improvement Radio After Dark provide stats for their listener-ships. Going a targeted route–by market, by a particular station or geographic location–means targeted results. Results come in faster via radio than television or print. How can you measure who saw and acted upon a print or television ad?

Due to the comparatively reduced cost, you also have the ability to run several ads at once and test them all individually. Doing this on print or television would be extremely cost-ineffective and take more time than the ad would be worth. That is unless of course, you’re a Fortune 100 company with a 7, 8 or 9-figure advertising budget.

Voiceover Commercials Have Their Importance Too

>>> LISTEN BELOW to an example of a voiceover we created for one of our podcasters. <<<

A level of professionalism and respect comes from using voiceovers. It enhances the image you project to your audience. It says you take your show seriously and that your audience should too. Not everyone realizes it’s an option, but those in broadcasting know it separates the big leagues from the little leagues. Airing a voiceover in and out of your content is a smart move. An even smarter move is using the right male or female voice to achieve your desired results. Use funny when comedy is needed. Use seriousness when you need to be blunt and direct.

In part 1 of this blog, we covered telling the right story and using the right tone. The same principle applies here. People are drawn to emotions so … be emotional. Use some type of hook based on your product or service or content to bring people in based on an emotion. Don’t expect them to buy just because emotion is there. Your product or service must be good enough to bring value (of course).

Judgments. People tend to judge quite easily. Just like in a job interview or meeting someone for the first time, we all form first impressions. The same goes for advertising of any kind, but since a human element (the voice) is present in voiceovers and radio commercials. the impression is stronger here.

Be Relatable and Story-Tell

Relate. Relate. Relate. This goes together with being memorable, but it’s not exactly the same. Relatable is a broader scope. You can relate to a demographic, but be memorable to a select group. Relate-ability is the first step and another way to approach this is to “speak their language.” We cater to SMBs or small-to-medium business owners in North America. Most business owners are neither elderly or young. Therefore, using strictly door mailers to get our name out there or Snapchat to get in front of Generation Z would be counter-productive. We are entrepreneurs and business owners speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners about the problems that come with entrepreneurship and owning a business. Only: we provide them with the solutions.

"tell your story"“Memories last a lifetime.” We’ve all heard this cliche, yet it is true in marketing. People remember what they remember so … be memorable. Something in your campaign must grab them one way or another, hopefully for the better. When they like and remember something, there’s a fair chance they will go back to it or open their mouth. And after all, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. People share to their friends with their voice about hearing another voice on the radio … interesting!

Keep in mind that today, radio is not the first choice of advertising and promotion like it was in 1950s. People still listen to the radio, but more so on their time. This on-demand niche of radio is what spawned into the world of podcasting. Understand that in podcasting, commercials and voiceovers are slightly different because they shows can be replayed. The shows containing commercials and voiceovers are targeted toward different audiences as opposed to the masses like on FM, AM or XM radio. With that being said, it is still measurable and very much worth considering. We recommend not automatically disregarding it. Good luck on your advertising!


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Written by: #HeliumRadio