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Consider These Factors When Looking for a Podcast Platform

Choosing the site to host your podcast on is a big decision. The platform you pick will largely determine the technical capabilities you have for creating, hosting, broadcasting and recording your podcast. It is important to make sure you do not limit yourself with your selection. Consider these factors when looking for a podcast platform. Promotional Tools If no one listens to your podcast, your efforts are basically futile. This […]

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Marketing Strategy

How Do You Build A Podcast Audience?

When you have invested time, effort and money into starting a podcast, the last thing you want is for no one to hear it. Yes, starting with a miniscule audience is acceptable and even expected, but you should gain more listeners with each episode. This point makes sense, but if you do not already have a following, how do you build a podcast audience? Narrow Your Focus It may seem […]

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"podcast on your own web page"


Why Your Podcast Needs Its Own Web Page

It should be a given that ANY business in today's day and age needs its own web page. Whether it's a landing page, a squeeze page or a traditional website, a web page is still a web page. Not everyone out there immediately goes on the hunt for social media platforms before making an informed decision. If a consumer is interested in purchasing a product, a single social media post […]

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"how to become world famous"


How To Become World Famous

As Helium Radio grows naturally through its listenership, so too will the shows on our network. Our current show hosts obtain the majority of their exposure through downloads. We're more than a podcast repository; we air all types of shows. Our goal is to bring people along for the ride as they enhance their business with radio. It’s making an incredible comeback. Go google it! The view from the top […]

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"Helium Radio launch"


Tune In To The Helium Radio Network

Our parent company, Life Improvement Media Group (aka LIMG), has given birth believe it or not! They launched us—the Helium Radio Network! Our radio content, our process and our network have all been completely restructured from top to bottom. It’s more than a re-brand. It’s a brand new brand altogether. Note: we are not a one-hit-wonder and never have been. We say "believe it or not" because the developmental timeline of […]

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"syndication networks"

Business Strategy

Our 4 Syndication Networks

Before we begin, let us clarify what “syndication” means. Syndication is the act of distributing your podcasts on other networks. The proper term for our podcasters and the process of growth is distribution, but for the sake of the industry, syndication is more widely accepted. Syndication is a major component in our services within podcasting. It’s more popular with our current show hosts than live and recorded shows. It’s smart […]

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