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Changes That Have Occurred In Podcast Technology

There was a time when you had to pay a lot of money to start a podcast. You would have to invest in a few pieces of equipment that would give you the voice of a “radio host”, alongside other things that you would have to spend a great deal of money on. That includes bandwidth, editing tools, and much more. Today, there have been a lot of changes to […]

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Podcasting Is A Cost Effective Way To Market Your Products

Podcasting is not a niche solution for marketing any longer. In fact, today, you will find that this is something that nearly anyone can do, and despite a crowded landscape, can thrive within. Businesses today are going to find that there are several reasons to start a podcast, even if the audience is somewhat limited. You don’t need a large following to get forward momentum in this arena, mind you. […]

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Mary Trombitas: Mother, Leader, Coach, Author, Podcaster and Speaker

Mary Trombitas has years of experience to back the many diverse facets of her business. As a certified human resource professional (SPHR and SHRM-SCP), she has worn many hats. On top of having the hardest job in the world—being a mother—Mary is also a leader, a coach, an author, a podcaster and a public speaker. Additionally, as the founder of Targeting Leadership, she's one tough cookie! Mary Trombitas is not […]

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Integrating Your Audio Through Multichannel Marketing

How Integrated are your Marketing Channels? For over 9 years now, we have worked with small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). One thing always remains the same: little to no integration exists across marketing platforms and there is no broad long-term strategy to connect the platforms. What we tend to see are business owners or marketing companies strictly focusing on whatever tactics cost the least or have the biggest return on investment--either minimum dollar or […]

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How To Become World Famous

As Helium Radio grows naturally through its listenership, so too will the shows on our network. Our current show hosts obtain the majority of their exposure through downloads. We're more than a podcast repository; we air all types of shows. Our goal is to bring people along for the ride as they enhance their business with radio. It’s making an incredible comeback. Go google it! The view from the top […]

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3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is The “Only Marketing Left”

First of all, we want to make sure entrepreneurs and companies realize content marketing is based on the content of your website. The content needs to be relative to what you provide and sell. It also needs to be information your customers care about. There are several reasons to blog, which bring many benefits all at the same time. Consistently adding fresh, appropriate content will keep people visiting your site on a […]

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Top Reasons You Should Start Podcasting Today

The number one way to get your voice heard is to start podcasting today. You could stand outside in the middle of the street and preach, you could talk to a counselor, or you could do just about anything to talk. Chances are those methods won't get you much of an audience. If you have something to share, why not get in front of millions of people via podcasting? This […]

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How To Properly Execute A Radio Interview

After all the knowledge we’ve shared on getting started with podcasting, you should be ready to finally speak on the air! Keep in mind that this takes practice and no one is perfect. Some people are natural speakers, while others need to practice and become familiar with it. As long as you're willing to put in work and practice—practice—practice, you will no doubt improve as time goes on. Your podcasts […]

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Distributing Your Podcast To The World

Before you read this blog on podcast distribution, be sure to have read all our previous essential blogs on podcasting. We have written a slew of blogs, but these are the key blogs to getting started: 1. Podcasting 101 | A Simple Guide To The Basics 2. How To Structure A Podcast For 2017 3. Setting Up Your Podcast For Success 4. Reasons You Should Outsource Production of Your Podcast […]

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