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Business Strategy

Why Your Podcasting Strategy Should Include Your Own Mobile App

With the rise of streaming audio, radio and video services today, there is a lot of media overlap. The same shows and digital audio can be found, streamed and downloaded across multiple services. Movies on Netflix can be found on Amazon Prime, which may also showcase current TV shows that are only offered to Hulu subscribers. The same thing can be said for digital audio. Electronic dance music on Beatport […]

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"tracking success with podcasting"


Tracking Your Success With Podcasting

Publishing a podcast can be a great way to communicate with the world. Whether you’re putting out a weekly or monthly show, you’ll find it allows anyone to have a voice on any number of topics. Once you get started with this option, you’ll want to figure out whether or not you’re making an impact. If you’re just publishing without caring whether or not you’re getting any attention, then you’re […]

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Business Strategy

Why An Extensive Content Strategy Includes Podcasting

A lot of people wonder what the best way is to cut through the crowd, get noticed and establish a meaningful connection with their market. For many businesses, they invest time and energy in on-demand audio content also known as podcasting. Podcasting is gaining in popularity, yet the medium is not over-saturated, luckily. There is still an open space in the world of audio for you. Therefore, there's no reason […]

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Setting Up Your Podcast For Success

Podcasting is not as simple as turning on a microphone and letting out your guts. Many people think that it’s a simple task to get through, but it’s not exactly easy. When you start to work with professional level audio options, you’ll realize that this can become a time consuming, difficult process. That’s not to say it can’t be fun, or rewarding, but it can become increasingly difficult to work […]

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Reasons You Should Outsource Production Of Your Podcast

Podcasting is one of the major media options that you can use today. All you need to do is pick a topic and get to talking. While that is an oversimplification, it is essentially what podcasters are doing right now. If you’ve tested this out before, then you know how the production of an audio element could be difficult to manage. Even if you have some experience with audio, the […]

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Podcasting 101 | A Simple Guide To The Basics

One of the most powerful tools for communication today is podcasting. Millions of people are listening to these broadcasts right now. You can record one with ease, but mastering the process can be a little difficult. If you have ever wanted to start your own show, or you wanted to simply create a daily audio blog of sorts, you will no doubt want to look into podcasting. If you’re not […]

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"grow your local business with a podcast"


How You Can Grow Your Local Business With A Podcast

When it comes to marketing, you may immediately think traditional. A lot of people do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there’s a finite element to this. Going to a larger scale, you’re going to find that internet marketing can be the way to go. Amidst the many branches of this solution, you’ll find that there’s a sliver of marketing collateral dedicated to visual and audio design. Video marketing […]

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How To Augment Your Blog With A Podcast

Bloggers today face a serious problem. The audiences that they once commanded aren’t paying attention. People don’t want to read long-winded posts any longer, and frankly, it’s hard to stay on top of the heap with writing. If you’re blogging and seeing a downturn in traffic, don’t panic. You could easily transition and add additional content without writing anything else. You could stick to your writing schedule and post great […]

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Podcasting Is Revolutionizing The Way Communication Works

The Problem With Marketing Running Podcasts (The Cost Side) The Difficulty Level The Reality of Making Money In 2017, podcasting is revolutionizing the way communication works! There was a time when bloggers were seen as people who never left their basements. Today, bloggers are well respected as a part of society in nearly every niche and industry. That same view was attributed to podcasting for a long time, and now […]

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